Flexitank Container van Tiel Transport

Flexitank Container, the alternative to traditional containers

The equipment of Van Tiel Transport is suitable for all possible tank transports including the transport of harmless liquids with flexitanks.

The flexitank container units are equipped with a compressor, while the tools for loading and unloading are of course not lacking. Van Tiel Transport not only has its own transport but can also be deployed for trucking both in tank transport and container transport.

Hillebrand Flexitanks

Van Tiel Transport is the exclusive partner of Hillebrand in the Netherlands, the global market leader in the field of transport of non-hazardous liquids in a “high quality” Flexitank Container.

More information on this service can be found at www.hillebrand.com or watch the video explanation via this link.

Flexitank Container van Tiel

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