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Van Tiel Transport has specialised in tanker, container, bulk and refrigerated transport, as well as distribution, for many years. In the course of the years, Van Tiel has developed into a fully-fledged partner when it comes to problem-solving in the field of transport. The business has its main location in the city of Schiedam and relies on its own storage and transhipment facilities.

Van Tiel Transport distinguishes itself in the market by ensuring enhanced flexibility, direct contact with customers and a state-of-the-art automation system. Above all, Van Tiel is a family-owned company which prioritises the highest standards and values. We employ Dutch drivers, and we use high-quality equipment with a view to minimising our CO2 footprint.



Van Tiel Transport was founded by Henk van Tiel in 1928, and the company then consisted of a coal business, livery stable, milk transport for farmers and a forage supplier. It was not until after the second world war, with the purchase of surplus vehicles from the English and American armies for conversion to civilian vehicles, that the major focus turned to transport activities. When Henk van Tiel, the founder of the company, died in 1948, the business was taken over by his brother Leendert van Tiel. Leendert had been working as head of transport with Van Grieken Melk in The Hague for some years, so he had already made a name for himself in the transport industry. Leo van Tiel joined the business in 1958. He began by working as a driver's mate before becoming a driver himself, and has been the owner of the company since 1964. Under his leadership the business has grown into what it is today and in 2006 passed the baton to his son Hjalmar, who had gained experience as driver and planner in previous years. Company activities have been extended to include storage and transhipment, among other things, ensuring a seamless connection with the company’s original transport activities.

Up to 1989, Van Tiel Transport was established in Kethel, historically a village in the municipality of Schiedam. When the company expanded, it relocated to its current business site at the Wilhelmina Haven in Schiedam, taking advantage of the outstanding accessibility provided by this new location. The company now has 46 employees and the fleet has grown to well over 40 trailer units. Van Tiel has been ISO 9001-certified since 1993.







Van Tiel Transport was one of the first transport companies to be ISO 9001 certified. The company also has a waste license and the GMP certificate. The complete fleet and all our drivers are ADR certified.


Van Tiel Transport uses a quality policy. This implies: ensuring that the quality of the goods transport activities, both nationally and internationally, is ensured. This also ensures continuous improvement of quality as well as constant attention to customer satisfaction. In addition, the director tries to distinguish himself from an average transport company, thus improving the competitive position in the (inter)national transport market.

Green on the road

Green on the road

Van Tiel Transport considers it important that the equipment is up-to-date. In the last four years there has been a lot of investment in the fleet, which is now almost Euro 5 and Euro 6. Van Tiel Transport therefore complies with the latest environmental standards, but is moreover green on the way.

New driving
The drivers of Van Tiel Transport have been trained in the 'New Drive Method'. We think it's important that drivers are up-to-date in their field of expertise and know how to handle the equipment.

Economical Driving gives a better insight into the factors that affect the efficiency in relation to fuel consumption and safety. It also results in 5% fuel saving. Van Tiel has included in her policy that the training is repeated every two years. Economical Driving also involves a sharp reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

BBS training: Code95
Van Tiel Transport believes it is important to train her drivers constantly. The drivers have all followed a BBS training. Behavior Based Safety (BBS) is specifically intended for drivers who are involved in the transportation of chemicals. BBS is a part of SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System).

In the BBS training, attention is given to:

  • Identifyng hazards and risks
  • Correct adjustment of the mirrors
  • Maneuvering: 'Can it be safer?'
  • Checking the vehicle before and after the ride
  • Safety when loading and unloading
  • Safety features on the truck

The training will also pay attention to 'New Driving Method'. Defensive and anticipated driving behavior prevents accidents and increases road safety. The training is part of a training program that complies with the EU Directive 2003/59/EG on 35-hour mandatory vocational training (Code 95), which should be met by everyone since September 2016.