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Disclaimer and privacy declaration

Disclaimer and privacy declaration

This disclaimer and privacy declaration applies to all websites operated by Van Tiel Transport. Links to sites not maintained by Van Tiel Transport have only been included for the information and easy reference of visitors. Van Tiel Transport accepts no liability either for the content or functioning or for the quality of offers, if any, made on such sites. By using Van Tiel Transport's web site(s) you are declaring that you are in agreement with this disclaimer.

The conditions in this disclaimer and privacy declaration may be amended without prior notice. Changes will become effective from the moment of release on this page.

This disclaimer is also available in other languages. If there is any difference between the Dutch disclaimer and a translated version, the Dutch disclaimer takes precedence.


Although Van Tiel Transport has taken all reasonable care with regard to the information provided on its website, the correctness and completeness of this information cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Van Tiel Transport cannot accept any liability in that respect.